I figured I’d give everyone an update as to exactly what is up… it’s a lot.

First off, I’m no longer with Publictivity on a full time basis (or really any type of daily basis).  Frank, Myself, and others who have helped us build the application along the way spent just about 2 years making a great piece of software.  I never doubted, and still don’t doubt the potential or the vision for making an easier to use competitor to Microsoft Sharepoint.  We were building what had to be a big venture backed business to really go to the next level.  There was no 37 signals lifestyle business approach to this with the vision we had.  In this economy, it would not have been possible for us (maybe for others) to raise a bucket load of VC money and build a big enterprise software company.  So what’s to become of the software?  We did boostrap our way through two years to make an awesome piece of software, that we think is a lot better than Microsoft Sharepoint.

We’re Open Sourcing Publictivity 100% sometime by the end of Q1 2009.  License TBD.

Back in the beginning of 2008, I completed a move to Silicon Valley to further Publictivity.  Silicon Valley was always a dream for me, and to this day is a decision I do not regret at all.  The Valley has taught me a ton of valuable lessons and introduced me to some amazing people.  If you ever get a chance to try building a company out there, you should go for it.  As I’ve moved on from Publictivity, I really pondered to myself what was next and if Silicon Valley was the place to be.  Even though, Silicon Valley is the #1 place in the world for startups, my roots as an entrepreneur and a leader are in Miami. 

As of last Friday, I have moved into a new condo, and am permanently back in Miami. In essence it comes down to the fact that I want to focus on things that I might not be able to do if I ran a 16 hour a day venture backed build an empire startup, while investigating what I want to build as the next big thing.  Miami is a great place to do that.

So here’s what I’ll be up to over the next year in Miami:

  • Nonprofit Efforts–  I’m CTO of the MIT Enterprise Forum in Florida, and there’s a lot for the organization to still accomplish.  We have the ability to really make an impact and further Florida as a powerhouse in the technology world.  There are great companies here and also great investors.  Now it’s time for the world to know that.  By the time the economy is out of this funk, I’m hoping Florida will be ready to really spring forward in the technology startup space.
  • Ramamia–  I’ve recently been helping out part time (along with everyone else on what is an allstar team) with Ramamia.com, the easiest and most private way to share photos, events, links, and messages with your family.  It’s already seen awesome organic growth too.  It may amaze some people, but it’s okay to have a side project, do something for fun, and not try to build the next f**king Google :-).  I’m not committing full time to anything at this point, just dabbling and doing due diligence.  On that note…
  • Figuring Out What The Next Big Problem To Solve Is- I want to talk to entrepreneurs, everyday people who need problems solved, friends in the VC world, and more.  I’ll also be doing tons of research, reading, analyzing, and keeping my finger on the pulse.  Maybe even prototype a few things to test the waters or spend some time with a cool very early stage startup that I believe in.  Despite the economy, we’re in the middle of history being made.  There’s a very very good chance Ramamia will be that next thing, just don’t expect a CEO or full time title out of me until the end of 2009.
  • My Personal Life- I have barely had a personal life over the past two years due to Publictivity.  I’d like to spend more time with my family and my friends over the next year.  They mean the world to me and have gotten me to this point.  I also want to spend a lot of time writing and blogging.  I’ve even lifted my ban on long term relationships due to work.
  • Finishing School at The Univeristy of Miami–  Some of you may or may not know, that I left college with a little over a semester left in my senior year in order to do Publictivity 110% full time.  I don’t think school is necessary to succeed as an entrepreneur.  I DO think it’s something very important to me, and something I’d like to accomplish.  It’s not for the rest of the world, but for me.

That’s a doozy, but I’m glad I could update everyone.  Go and take a minute to smell the roses, and hopefully take the time to enjoy life.  It will pass you by so damn fast.  Only until you do that, can you really build something people want and change the world.