Onswipe is a platform that makes it insanely easy for publishers of all sizes to make their content and advertising a beautiful experience on touch enabled devices via the browser.

I am currently the CEO of Onswipe

I am currently authoring a book for the Portfolio imprint of Penguin publishing.  Portfolio has published bestsellers such as The Art of The Start by Guy Kawasaki and Seth Godin.  My agent is Lisa DiMona who also represents Seth Godin, Jason Fried, and Hugh Macleod.  The release date will most likely be early 2012.

I am a co-author at OnStartups with Dharmesh Shah, which is where all of my writing appears.  OnStartups is a leading resource for entrepreneurship on the Internet.

Past Projects + Advisory Positions

Overview:  Cloudomatic is working on providing the monetization and distribution layer for SaaS Applications.  Infrastructure companies such as Amazon Web Services, SimpleGeo, Rackspace, MySQL, Zend,etc. have made it cost effective and easy for startups to build web apps.  We’re working on what comes next: making money and getting more customers with your web apps.

Current Status: Acquired by zferral.  Actively advising the company.

Overview: Genevine is the simple and private way to share your family’s memories.  We’re now living digital lives where our memories are measured in gigabytes, not megabytes.  Current options are either too general, public, and/or difficult to use.  We’re the 21st century equivalent of your family’s shoebox.

Current Status: Advisory position.  Developed with Mark Bao.

Overview: Publictivity is the online social workspace that allows small businesses to easily share information.  Instead of using excel as a psuedo-database, we created Publictivity to allow companies to easily share data such as contacts, files, links, or custom defined structures with each other. Publictivity was founded in late 2006 after originating out of theweblogwire.com.  We received a small amount of seed funding and named to one of Florida’s top young companies for 2007 by the Enterprise Development Corporation.  I moved to Silicon Valley in 2008 to further expand the company.

Current Status: Deadpooled.

Overview:  popshiz is a fun little side project that I created with Mark Bao.  It originated as IsHilarySwankHot.com, which was an extension of TheOffice episode where everyone asked if Hilary Swank Is Hot.  The site received tens of thousands of visitors within 24 hours.  We eventually morphed the site into popshiz.com, which would put a simple yes or no poll with a short article related to a popular/trending pop culture topic.

Current Status: Operational with traffic, but content is no longer being updated on a regular basis.  When I have more time, I’d love to expand on the concept.