We just announced that we raised a Series Awesome. Yes, the documents actually say that :). Most people are probably wondering what prompted us to do this such a short while after we closed our seed round literally 5 months ago from today. Here’s why: Bigger Opportunity Than We Thought Andy at Betaworks put it the best: “Onswipe is a lot like Aol in 1995 in terms of opportunity.” The Internet was just a year old and if someone was able to own the space, they could build a massive company. We feel the same holds true with the tablet market. It’s growing faster than we ever thought and we realize that there’s a unique once in a generation opportunity to define the way the world interacts with the web. What you’re seeing and what’s talked about today is a small small part of our overall vision. The sky is…Continue Reading
//This post originally appeared on Boston Innovation as a guest post. The tablet market is exploding and exceeding everyone’s wildest dreams. Apple is in the lead, but the Android tablets along with many others are on their way. In an interview back in January, I stated that “apps are bullshit for content”. I thought it would be good to clarify that statement and explain my reasoning why the future of content on tablet devices is not going to be delivered through apps, but through one killer app: the browser. Referral Traffic Is Lost With Apps The majority of a content owner’s traffic comes from referral traffic such as search, share, and email. That traffic has and always will go back to the website itself. Even if a link is opened in the twitter app, it is still showing that content in a UI web view. It’s close to impossible to…Continue Reading
//This article originally appeared at OnStartups, where all my writing appears exclusively. If you know me personally, or even digitally , then you know that I am a physical fitness and athletic enthusiast. I find that there is a certain level of determination that is built up by being physically fit and sticking to a regimen. Athletics and exercise are the purest physical expression of true mental discipline that one can find. As an entrepreneur, I don’t think I would be able to do what I do without the mental preparedness a daily workout routine brings. With so many parallels between athletics and entrepreneurship, I asked myself “Who is the Steve Jobs of athletics?” This question can certainly be debated, but at the end of the day I arrived with an answer of Michael Jordan. A recent ad campaign by Nike with Michael Jordan is focused on the phrase “Be Legendary.”…Continue Reading
//This originally appeared on the Onswipe company blog. I love the notions of the daily and what they are trying to achieve. I think at it’s core they truly want to do something risky, innovative, and something that was not possible before. There’s a lot to love, but there’s also a lot to dislike in the execution. It’s against the real time nature of the web Even delivering an “update” daily is just too slow for the way the web works. Setting any sort of defined delivery period is just silly. The web isn’t on a set time schedule, but an always-on network of flowing information. That’s the real special sauce of what’s happening in the media industry. The flow of information is no longer constrained by time, it is instantaneous and transcends time itself. By fighting against that, we’re taking a step backward.  Many people claim that the initial…Continue Reading