I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about screenshots and how they’re one of the most used, yet under utilized assets in mobile. Screenshots are a frictionless way to share what you’re seeing through your own eyes. Below are just some stream of consciousness thoughts on Screenshots from a product perspective: I think of screenshots as sort of a reblogging feature on steroids. It lets me take what I’m seeing from someone else and carbon copy it to my own feed to share. They also don’t have to be social. It’s part reblogging and carbon copying, but also part just save it for later. Think Evernote or pinboard, but for things I find interesting. It might be a photo on instagram, my boarding pass, a certain email, or a text message conversation. It hits on the Vicarious nerve of media. I think this is where plays along with most…Continue Reading
Peter Thiel’s book, “Zero to One”, is one of my favorite books on the topic of startups, business, and more importantly a way to look at the world. Many may disagree with the methods in the book, due to his contrarian mindset. If I had to take one principle that I think is the core foundation of a startup, it’s the principle of secrets. They’re defined in a simple manner here by Peter’s co-author Blake as: “Secrets are unpopular or unconventional truths.” A way I like to think of secrets in terms of startups is this – what do you know that you feel no one else knows? What do you understand that sits at the core fundamentals of the market that no one else has dug deep on? Most markets have had a deep dive and the truths exposed are the ones that become mainstream truth. We’re simple minded…Continue Reading
When the iPad was introduced over four years ago, no one knew what it would become. Many considered it a big ass iPod touch. Others went and created startups around it – Fifty Three, Onswipe, Flipboard, etc. Sales slowed down, but that’s in perspective to its original growth. If you were to take a snapshot of tablet sales by themselves, you would see growth faster than anything we’ve ever seen before. Last week, the Phablet became a mainstream and not just an Android thing with the iPhone Plus. The iPhone Plus is going to force the tablet to become an adult and make a name for itself. At first, there was a logical reason to have an iPhone (at the time 3.5 inches) and an iPad (at the time 9.7 inches). Today, the gap is much smaller with an iPhone at 5.5 inches and an iPad at 7.9 inches. The…Continue Reading
I’ve never been a big Minecraft player, aside from the internal server we had setup in the office. I got carried away and summoned a bunch of Dragons… that did not make everyone happy. Everyone is going to do a long winded analysis of Minecraft from will they screw it up, its implications for XBox, and what type of CEO it means Satya will be. I think all of that is just pageview fodder, which will culminate with “What Minecraft means for the Enterprise”. I think it’s really simple what it means: Microsoft has a chance to be the first interaction with the next generation of makers. When I was a young kid about 9 years old, I learned visual basic along with some HTML. I thought it was cool to make things. I got some free hosting for my HTML creations and I distributed my Visual Basic made punters…Continue Reading
I was browsing ProductHunt today and my friend Dave posted an email newsletter, GetBiked that’s focused on a once a week mailing of bikes for sale. Ryan had a good comment that you can see below: .@JasonLBaptiste on “passive commerce” re. @getbiked in @producthunt thread: — Dave Ambrose (@daveambrose) July 29, 2014 I responded and the thread really started to shape my feelings on something I call passive commerce. Passive commerce is the activity of browsing for an item for sale that you know you’re going to buy sometime in the near future (within the next 6-9 months), but you have no immediacy to buy now. Here’s passive commerce in the context of other types of intent in the ecommerce space: Intent Generation – This is why Pinterest could be big. It helps generate intent for items you didn’t know you even wanted. It’s the ultimate top of the…Continue Reading