I switched to an Android phone a couple of months ago, mostly out of curiosity and realizing that it had come a far way. My curiosity was around the opportunities Android presents for startups that you can’t particularly capitalize on within iOS. iOS has a lot of limitations that Android does not, which made me wonder: what are the opportunities Android makes possible that iOS does not? One big opportunity on Android that rang out the most was around self expression and personalization of the phone’s user interface and default applications. Many think of personalization as a data play ie- recommend me something based upon my choices. Though folks like Aviate are doing something great here, that is not what I’m talking about with this article. Personalization in the context of this article is about self expression and personalizing the UX of the phone to suit your own taste. The…Continue Reading
Marc Andreessen had a great piece today that turned one of his most recent “tweet storms” into a full fledged blog post about the future of the news industry. Unlike some others, it’s a really good read. I won’t go into all of it, but there is a specific point that stuck out: “Market size equals destiny. The big opportunity for the news industry in the next five to 10 years is to increase its market size 100x AND drop prices 10X. Become larger and much more important in the process.” Mobile is going to be the driver of growth in the news industry. We had a false start with the PC era of the Internet from 1997-2010. With supercomputers in the pockets of billions of people, a lot is about to change. Here’s why: Everyone will have a supercomputer that is always with them (More audience) Mobile devices can…Continue Reading
A decade ago, the homepage or as many called it “the portal” business was something great to be in. Aol, Yahoo, and many others had built companies worth tens of billions of dollars off of this user experience. The homepage was meant to be the compilation of all the things you – the user – would need to do with the internet – check stocks, mail, your finances, the weather, the news, and more. Fast forward to the mobile era and the homepage as we know it is dead. It’s been replaced by the home screen on our phone. Unbundle or die Every single company is going to have to rethink the way they do business. There can no longer be an app that does absolutely everything. Companies will need to fight for dominance in each category and create stand alone apps. We’ve seen Facebook do this recently with Paper…Continue Reading
Twitter has a ton of growth potential to unlock. After releasing their Q1 results, the stock dropped due to a lack of user growth. I personally think Twitter is going to be a gem that’s around for decades and that they’re in their first inning. The best growth is yet to come and here’s why: Most users don’t want to tweet aka create. That’s right, most users don’t want to tweet and therefore don’t sign up for Twitter. They think it’s an all or nothing game – that in order to be a user of Twitter, they have to contribute content. Most users want to read great content from celebrities, news outlets, and friends that are on Twitter. Twitter needs to be the world’s greatest source of information that caters to content consumers more than content creators. Rethinking the UI to be consumption first is how Twitter overcomes this hurdle.…Continue Reading
2014 isn’t a year about brand new innovation in mobile and cool new things. It’s the year that mobile puts the final nail in the coffin of everything that came before. It’s the year where mobile is all grown up and focused on rapidly expanding that growth to eat everything that has come before it. If your company was started before the launch of the first iPhone, you should be worried. Here are my predictions for how it will all come about. The web will become more like native apps. It’s not about native vs web anymore, it’s about the right use cases for web or native. In news and shopping, which are driven by search and social, the web makes a ton of sense. In these cases, the experience of the web is going to have to adapt to be much more like native apps. If you are a…Continue Reading