The Ultralight Startup
The Ultralight Starup

The Ultralight Startup shows you don't need an MBA, a trust fund, or even experience running your own company to become a star in the tech world. The Ultralight Startup is a comprehensive, easy-to-follow guide that will prepare any entrepreneur for success. Learn how to raise money, launch a product, get covered on TechCrunch, and the secrets behind companies like Onswipe, Foursquare, Twitter, Dropbox, Mint, and more.

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30 May

Don’t Be A Douchebag- Unsolicited Questions You Don’t Ask Acquaintances Who Are Founders

Don’t Be A Douchebag- Unsolicited Questions You Don’t Ask Acquaintances Who Are Founders

Tweet Friend on AIM how many users do u guys have Jason L  Baptiste enough Jason L  Baptiste how does ur sister look naked? kind of the same type of question. If you have a job or work for someone, you never ask your friends: YO DUDE, HOW MUCH CASH MONEY DOLLARS DO YOU MAKE […]

28 May

Fixing Up The Blog

TweetSo, the random thoughts category will be for short and quick posts.  Longer than tweets.  Shorter than blog posts.  K? Thx.

15 Mar

A Year on Hacker News

A Year on Hacker News

TweetMost online communities turn to garbage over time.  There’s no formula as to why this happens exactly.  In the broader scheme of things, it probably has to do with the growth of the community and the signal to noise ratio.  Digg seemed to head down the tubes after V3 was released in mid 2006.  I’ve […]

12 Feb

Be In The Business Of Making Money

TweetBusinesses are rediscovering that they are in business to make money. Next thing you know banks will rediscover that their business model is loaning money to people who pay it back. – Patrick on Hacker News

08 Feb

The Quickest Way To Tank Your Company

Tweet“The quickest way to tank your company is to believe what you read in the press, especially if it happens to be about you. The vast majority of journalists are not interested in covering what is actually happening. They are interested in covering what they think people want to think is actually happening. Everything is […]